LightUp since 1983

Clothes, bags, shoes, jewelries, interior goods, stationery…, you name it, LightUp has it all! We bring you from around the globe only the best quality products that ‘LightUp’ your life.

Zekoo(ゼクウ) since 1998

‘Rediscover Japan’ is the message from Zekoo, which brings you the selected goods made in the long Japanese traditions and culture of artisanship. From clothes to fine arts by local artisans, they are all proudly made in Japan.

食材倶楽部 since 1995

Feel hungry and thirsty? SHOKUSAI Club gives you a wide range of foods and drinks from all around the world, which you can enjoy while being at home. How about some cheese and wine from France, ham, sausage and local beer from Germany, or fresh fruits of the season from Japan?